Summer Vacation: The Great Smokey Mountains 2014

We are just getting back from our family vacation. Here are some photos from out trip.

Spending time at the “Smoochin’ Hole.” Caleb had so much fun playing in the super cold mountain water. His favorite part was finding the rocks under the water and throwing them.

The Track in Pigeon Forge: Paul was so excited to take Caleb to the track, because he had so many great memories of his dad taking him there as a kid. Caleb rode every kid ride in that place, he has no fears. Of course, Paul’s favorite was riding the go karts with Harvey and Kennedy. IMG_6357IMG_6360




Our day in Dollywood: Taking Caleb there was so special to us, because we both had memories of going there as children. It was pretty hot that day, but there was a great breeze that came through every now and then. I think Caleb’s favorite part was riding all the kid rides. He also played this little fishing game and won a prize (with a little help from uncle Harvey)! IMG_6571 IMG_6568 IMG_6565 IMG_6555 IMG_6554 IMG_6546


I think this was the day Caleb fell in love with trains! We went to a really neat train museum in Townsend, it had a lot of abandoned train parts, and a bell that Caleb loved to ring.
IMG_6618 IMG_6629 IMG_6649

Cades Cove is a must see. Every year we go hoping to see a bear. This year we saw one a little closer than I wanted.IMG_6486 IMG_6485
IMG_6483 IMG_6482See this bear playing in the tall green grass. At this point, it’s about 20 feet from our van. Then the bear decided that it wanted to visit the other mountain. Wait till you see what happens next.

This is Paul’s uncle Harvey and Aunt Tammy Jo’s vehicle, that we are parked directly in front of.IMG_6539 IMG_6540 IMG_6541

Some more photos from our trip. IMG_6586 IMG_6544 IMG_6419 IMG_6414 IMG_6413

IMG_6397 IMG_6392Has your family taken any trips this summer?


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