Bump Update: 26 Weeks


 I’m in my last few weeks before my third trimester begins. All I can think of is how I want time to slow down, but at the same time, I want it to hurry up so I can meet my baby girl.

Over all, this has been such an easy pregnancy thus far. With Caleb, by 25 weeks I was really swollen – I mean like unnaturally swollen. I think it’s a curse on the women in my family, to be swollen during pregnancy, because we all do it. This time, however, I think the curse has been lifted. I have had little-to-no swelling. I’m even still able to wear my wedding ring! With that said, I traded swelling for intense heartburn. Although I tried to avoid it, I’m taking Pepcid AC almost everyday and tums before really acidic foods. It was a necessary plunge to take medication. I tried natural remedies and only using tums occasionally, but nothing helped. I wasn’t able to sleep and I was getting pains in other parts of my body. Since taking the medication, I’m feeling great!

We also received the most wonderfully, amazing, incredible news this week! I hesitated to post anything or really tell many people until I saw the high risk pregnancy doctor, but now that I have had the appointment I feel comfortable talking about it. At my last appointment, before leaving for our vacation, I went in for an ultrasound to check a bleed they found in the umbilical cord. They thought it’d be fine, but they wanted to double check before leaving on vacation. The bleed was gone, but my placenta was covering my cervix. I mean literally my placenta was almost holding my cervix. It had never moved from my first ultrasound to the most recent. It was consistently in the same spot. The doctor told me this was known as full/complete placenta previa. I was shocked, mostly because I never had any bleeding of any kind the entire pregnancy, and that was the only symptom that I remembered reading about. He placed me on pelvic rest and told me not to do any heavy lifting. My doctor told me that if my placenta did not move, I would have to deliver via c-section and more than likely at 36 weeks. This was upsetting, of course, but I understood and agreed that the risk of not doing it was much worse. I want to make it clear that my doctor never said the placenta wouldn’t move, only that it’s unlikey to move, but not impossible.

At the time, I wasn’t scared…and then I googled. I should never google things. I put it in the back of my mind while we were on vacation, for the most part. When it was time to see the high risk pregnancy doctor I had a flood of emotions. I had seen him before, with Caleb, because I was developing large cysts pretty late in my pregnancy.  He was wonderful then, so I felt comfortable and trusted his opinion. He is very good at what he does.

I’m thrilled to announce that my prayers were answered. My placenta is now low-lying, but not in the way of a normal delivery. I couldn’t help but smile and laugh while he was explaining how something like this can happen. Inside I was throwing a big party. The best part of the ultrasound was seeing Jessa give us a thumbs up over and over again. It was like she was saying, “Everything is fine guys.” Even though this was our second 3D ultrasound, her face and profile is still a mystery. She likes to keep her hands right in front of her face and turn her body away from the ultrasound tools.

This girl can move! She must think my belly is a bounce house. All day she is moving in a bunch of different directions. Very unlike her big brother, who was very calm in my belly and (for the most part) is a typically calm toddler. I’m hoping this doesn’t mean she will be wild. Yikes!

We have been very busy recently. Our family from Florida came to town the day after our family vacation. We love spending time with them. We went back to the Children’s Museum for some indoor fun. It was really neat to see how much has changed for Caleb and Alia. They are really close in age, and the last time we went they were a little unsure about how much there was to explore. For the most part they really enjoyed sitting in the little lawn chairs, watching Kaden run around the museum, along with the other children. This time they had their own interests, like the grocery store and water tables.

IMG_3212 IMG_3248 IMG_3249

My youngest sister started her first day of college this week. Since my parents were off vacationing in Greece, I wanted to do something fun for her. I made a big breakfast of all her favorites: Bacon, cheesy eggs, and hash browns. I also made her take a first day of school photo. She will cherish it one day…haha.


My next bump update will be when I’m in my third trimester! Total of 14 weeks to go!



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