Labor Day Weekend 2014

To kick off Labor Day weekend, we got to spend time with some of our favorite people and meet our new goddaughter, Sadie. I loved getting to spend time with my “sister cousin,” Stephanie, and I love her new little baby. Our boys are fairly close in age and they have a blast playing together. Oh yeah, and so do our husbands! The icing on the cake was getting to see Stephanie’s parents again, who are always so warm and welcoming. On top of that, we got to see the awesome Aunt Chachi and Uncle Danny, who drove in all the way from North Carolina to see their new granddaughter. There have been a lot of babies popping up in the Stewart family. For those keeping count, it’s only Stacey and me left!

Here we all are in our babies birth order. So far, the births have gone according to plan. The first three beautiful women were all due in August, I’m due in November and Stacey is due in December. Yep, we are all a part of one family! 


IMG_6702 IMG_6705

The next day, my family joined us at their cabin. Caleb had so much fun playing outside with his PawPaw and Daddy. He really looked like a little boy, covered in sweat and dirt, and he loved every minute of it.

On Monday we kept the tradition alive and went to the Powhatan Labor Day Parade. If you are close to the area and have never been, I really recommend it. I heard a rumor that they will also have a Christmas parade later this year!

Caleb wasn’t feeling that great when he woke up. Allergies usually affect him this time of year. Luckily he fell asleep before the parade started. Daddy enjoyed some extra snuggles from his baby boy.


Caleb’s face when he saw Tow-mater came to the parade again this year!IMG_6713 IMG_6715
Our church had a really awesome float in the parade. Thank you to all involved with the float. You did an amazing job! 
IMG_6725I love Powhatan High School’s marching band, and their version of, “Happy!” 

Caleb loved all the fire trucks.


Curious little boy, waiting to see whats next in the parade.IMG_6732 IMG_6734

We went back to Nanny and Pop-Pop’s house where we indulged in a chicken and crab leg dinner. Nanny also pulled out the old train set that Paul and Erik used to play with when they were little. Caleb loved it…so did Paul!

IMG_6756 IMG_6757 IMG_6758 IMG_6762Caleb sang us a few songs along with the piano. 
IMG_6743 IMG_6746 IMG_6775Amanda


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