Chesterfield Berry Farm

Today was the perfect fall day for the pumpkin patch. My husband and I couldn’t wait to take Caleb to see the pumpkins, or as Caleb likes to call them, “pun-kens.”  When Caleb woke up this morning we told him. “today we get to go to church, and then we are going to see all kinds of pumpkins!” He said in his excited way, “yeah!” As if he already knew that was the plan – tehehe. If you have never been to the Chesterfield Berry Farm, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun family pumpkin patch.  The staff/workers there are wonderful. They have decently priced food and tons of activities for people in any age group. Click here for details on their website.

We had a blast and will be going back again soon!


Caleb’s favorite part of the whole day was driving the train. I have never heard him laugh so hard! 
IMG_6854 IMG_6855

Since we were the only ones at the bounce house, Paul got to jump with Caleb.


This was a seriously fast slide made from culvert pipe! Caleb loved it so much that he made me take him down once (it’s a little too rough of a landing for pregnant ladies) and Paul went down with him countless times.IMG_6905 IMG_6838

If daddy can swing on the rope so can Caleb.

IMG_6904 1604839_10103387945806922_6577873992938257765_n

So we will always remember how tall Caleb was this year. 
IMG_6872 IMG_6877

Doesn’t he look like a grownup standing like this? So mature!


The farm animals were really neat. Caleb loved the chickens and goats. He kept waving his little hand and saying, “come here.” One chicken did walk towards him and Caleb slowly backed away. 
IMG_6887 IMG_6890

Caleb was so upset that he couldn’t drive the tractor.
IMG_6892 IMG_6899 IMG_6902 1620386_10103387958486512_4144068350023972859_n 10441006_10103388713832792_3255419737871973307_n

We found some pumpkins he could carry.


The perfect way to end the day – sweet and spicy crock pot chili (recipe coming soon)!10626570_10103388148595532_974014321693950626_n


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