Dinner is Served

Say what you want about Kate Gosselin, but I’m here to tell you she wrote a great cookbook, “Love Is in the Mix.” This cookbook is especially great for anyone cooking for a family with young kids.

I remember watching her show a long time ago, and I admired the fact that she cooks for 10 bodies at every meal; yet, she put so much thought into each meal. It would have been easy for her to throw a frozen, pre-packaged lasagna in the oven, but she wanted her family to eat the best. She was on the organic “bandwagon” before many homes embraced it. That good tasting, healthy food really shined in her cookbook. I admire anyone who cooks from scratch, or like a grandma, which is how Kate describes her cooking style in the book.  All of the recipes I have tried have tasted great and have not taken up a lot of time.

What I love most about her cookbook is that she uses so many sneaky ways to hide vegetables, which is something I desperately need in my house. My toddler is a veggie snob. I also really like that she shares tips on what side dishes taste the best with certain entries. Also, you can find all of the ingredients at your local grocery store. I always hate when I see a really yummy/easy recipe on the Cooking Channel and I have to fly to Italy to get a certain type of olive oil. Like seriously, who do they think we are!?! Here is a list of a few of our favorites from the book.

Firecracker Fourth of July Hamburgers (we used turkey meat)

Homemade gravy

Very sloppy “Joel’s”

Homemade turkey pot pie (I used chicken)

Herbie Chicken



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