Bump Update: 35 Weeks


Hello, third trimester, we meet again. It’s a bittersweet feeling hitting the third trimester milestone. I’m excited to meet and snuggle this sweet girl, and at the same time I feel like time is moving too fast.

I’m feeling great. Really this has been the easiest pregnancy ever! The heartburn continues, though, it’s not as consistent as in the second trimester. My last ultrasound showed that my placenta is still out of the way for a normal delivery, even though it’s still low-lying. Jessa is in position for delivery, which is so nice, not to have to worry about that. Caleb didn’t flip until 36weeks, and when he did I felt it!

She is still moving a lot and is starting to push her body parts out. Now that I know where she’s laying, I can kind of make out when she’s sticking out her bum, or elbow.  I’m having braxton hicks contractions. I hardly notice them and it’s exciting to know that my body is prepping for labor.

Speaking of labor, did any other moms think about labor twice as much the second time around??? Maybe because I know that it’s going to hurt, I find myself really wanting to do the Bradley Method exercises more than I did the first time. I’m also wanting to walk more and really rest when I get a chance. Thinking that maybe if I do all of these things it won’t be as painful… I don’t know my reasoning, but I can honestly say that more thought has gone into this delivery. Like, I have to pack my bag, Jessa’s bag, Caleb’s bag, and Caleb’s diaper bag. Coordinate with my family who will be watching Caleb while we are in labor on when to pick him up and when to bring him to the hospital. This is really silly, because they live 5 minutes down the road and know his schedule as much as I do. I know this when I’m thinking rationally, but in my crazy nesting moments I feel like I need to type a new list in the notes on my phone, so I can remember every detail.

Speaking of nesting, it’s way worse the second time around, for me anyway. I feel a sense of urgency to get things done. I think it’s because I know the more pregnant I get the less energy I will have and I have a toddler who makes any task I do take twice as long. Either way, I have many running lists and I find myself deep-cleaning the most random things daily, that probably no one else notices but me.

I have also thought more about post-delivery than I did with Caleb. When my son was born, I just wanted everyone to feel included and didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. We knew how excited everyone was to meet him, so we didn’t think about how tired we were. We just told people to come to the hospital. So, we let family visit very shortly after Caleb was born. This time around, I think we will wait a little longer – at least enough time to get a nap and shower in. The sad part is, after our family left, Paul and I were zombies. It was as if everyone that had visited was a blur. I want to enjoy seeing everyone and I think next time will take a little bit of time to recover first. The funny part is most of the family on both sides said I don’t know how y’all had visitors so soon after Caleb was born, and we didn’t either! I guess our family is a lot more understanding than we, as first-time parents, understood. We’ll definitely be taking advantage of some recovery time after delivery. The next day, however, this extrovert will gladly and lovingly accept the company!

Plus, we want Caleb to bond with Jessa before everyone comes in to see her. This will be the biggest transition for him, I think, because for two years he has had our full attention. Jessa bought Caleb a Thomas DVD as a gift for when she’s born, but don’t tell him…shhh.

So yeah, that pretty much sums up the crazy thoughts going through this pregnant mommy’s head.

5 more weeks!


IMG_6821 IMG_6823 IMG_6824

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