A Fire Truck and a Tantrum

On this day, we took Caleb to our local Barnes & Noble to see one of our local fire departments, and of corse a fire truck. They really put together a fun morning for the kids. There was a cookie decorating station, a place to make your own fire helmet, books read by the firemen, and taking pictures with the fire truck.

Doesn’t this sound like a blast for any kid?? I thought so too! Caleb, however, did not. He enjoyed the fire truck a lot, but that was about it. He did not want to make a fire helmet, or even wear the helmet that his daddy made him. He did not care about the story time, or the freshly baked sugar cookies. The only thing Caleb enjoyed doing was playing with the trains. His love of Thomas is endless!

You see, on this day, Caleb decided to throw a tantrum. We made the best of our time there and then put him down for a nice long nap. The day turned around after that…thank goodness.

I was a little hesitant to post about Caleb’s tantrums. I try my best not to “complain” or focus on his “negative” behaviors, but a part of me felt only posting the positive things might make some moms feel like I have a perfect child (which I don’t) or that I’m a perfect parent (which I’m not). We all have days or moment that we struggle. Today was just one of those days.

 I think all parents have those days were you look at your sweet precious baby and think, why are you throwing a fit? This is supposed to be fun! Lucky for Caleb, he has parents with pretty endless patience…or so we think.
IMG_6689 IMG_6690

IMG_6693 IMG_6694 IMG_6695



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