Halloween 2014

It was really fun picking out Caleb’s costume at the Kid to Kid sale, because we went in really hoping to find a character from Toy Story. We scored a Woody and a Buzz Lightyear. Then we let Caleb pick, and he wanted to be Buzz, so Paul dressed up as Woody.


On Halloween, we found a beautiful maple tree outside the Sweet Shop in Powhatan. After eating some yummy doughnuts, we snapped a few picture’s in front of the tree. Caleb enjoyed saying, “cheese,” but not so much smiling.
10653641_10103479876167742_9058196785901866575_nSo many fall colors in one photo!


After our $3.00 “boo-ritos” at Chipotle, we went to the Swift Creek Baptist Fall Festival. Caleb got to play with his friend Brenden in the bounce house, which he loved, of course.

My mom, who was dressed up as a cowgirl, played with Caleb while we waited in the super long line at Chipotle.



Our one and only family picture with buzz.1907951_10103481162085752_9016297219717310800_n 10001376_10103481366815472_6483670142152436425_n

Showing off our decorated pregnant bellies.1461843_10103481141217572_3334450351500784853_n

This picture makes me laugh, because my belly look’s like an inflatable pumpkin.

My sister, Lindsey, and I made my costume. I loved it! We even gave my little pumpkin a bow.

Caleb did NOT enjoy carving pumpkins. I think he may have seen It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown too many times and thought I was killing the pumpkin. He cried when I cut his pumpkin open and wanted nothing to do with me while I gutted the pumpkin. It was so dramatic that all Paul and I could do was laugh.


My dad and Caleb were warming up next to our first fire in our fireplace, watching It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. My dad literally worked his butt off in Atlanta, hopped on a plane, and raced to the fall festival just to see Caleb dressed up for Halloween. Caleb must have known that, because he gave his Paw-Paw lots of snuggles. Nonnie (my mom) was lucky enough to get some kisses out of Caleb before they left.



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