Bump Update: 37 Weeks


Yep, I’m 37 weeks, but who’s counting?? The last few weeks of my pregnancies really blend together, and it’s times like these that I’m so thankful for the blog, because I can look back at what each couple of weeks of my pregnancy was like. I’m sure your sick of me saying this, but it’s going by so fast. Not just the pregnancy, but the fact that I’m about to have a 2 year old in my house as well. Yep, in just several days my baby boy will be 2! I’m probably crazy, because we are throwing Caleb, not one, but two parties, while being 38 weeks pregnant. A party for all of his friends and then one for our family. We had to split the parties up because our house is only so big, and we didn’t want to risk the weather to make it an outdoor/indoor party. So on top of thinking about pregnancy, baby stuff, and labor, I’m also thinking of a Toy Story themed birthday party. Also, what the back up plan will be if I go into labor before the party. Planning his party this year is even more fun than last year, because I know how much he LOVES Toy Story and he loves playing with his friends.

Wow, I just got incredibly side tracked. Welcome to my pregnancy brain. So back to the pregnancy blog post. I’m now seeing the doctor once a week, which is really exciting because it really means the end is near. Baby girl is doing great! She’s low, my cervix is changing, and I’m starting to dilate a little. He predicts I will be a little early (up to two weeks), which is funny, because that would take me back to my original due date. But obviously, we are still planning on a November 23rd delivery. We wont hold him to his guess, but it is fun to see when people think I will go into labor. Plus, progress with these little ones changes so quickly.

I’m really feeling great! I have a lot of energy and can move around easily. I don’t feel huge and pregnant, even though I look like it. We have been going on family walks, practicing my Bradley method techniques, staying relaxed, and I have been nesting. I have started to get uncomfortable lower back pain and occasional nausea. Hopefully that’s helping something progress, because it doesn’t feel that great. It’s good practice on what will help in labor, I suppose.






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