Remember us?

Mother said,
“Come what may,
Follow the path
And never stray.”



IMG_3185IMG_3151IMG_3063IMG_3138 IMG_3145


Jolie and I have left Amanda to keep this blog up for months now. We thought we’d drop in to let you all know we are still growing… 2 years old already, with new adventures every day.

Can I just say that 2 is a magical age. We can go through every emotion in a matter of minutes. It is incredibly challenging to parent a 2 year old, especially one with so much sass. She is going to move mountains and change the world, and I pray every day for wisdom to raise her to never stray. She is a ball of fire, God has a specific and fantastic plan for her and it is an honor to be the one to watch it unfold.

His mercies are new every morning, and I am thankful that children do not hold grudges. She can go from acting like it’s the end of the world because she has to brush her teeth to giving the sweetest goodnight kiss in one breath. It’s absolutely beautiful and I am learning so much from her. Seeing life through the eyes of a toddler is fascinating.




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