A Letter To Caleb

Dear Caleb,

Where have these two years gone? I feel like, overnight, you turned two. I still see you as my little baby and I probably always will. I will never forget how excited we were when we found out I was pregnant…how many prayers we said that you would develop and grow during my pregnancy. Not to mention the countless prayers we say now, thanking God for you and praying for your safety.


You are such a blessing to mommy and daddy. It is so fun to watch you in this stage of life. You talk so much and have such a great imagination.

maternity_52You love to take walks, which has become really fun, because you point things out that you see on the walks. You ask so many questions, like “Where did the truck go?” or “What’s that?” You’re very curious, that’s for sure!maternity_48

You know how to test the waters – you like to wait to see how far you can push the limit before you get corrected. Even when you know better than to not do something, you like to see if maybe it’s a rule that can now be broken. Usually, before we correct you, I hear you say, “No, No, Caleb!” with a big smile on your face.


For the most part, you listen really well. Mommy and Daddy have learned overtime that you really listen better when we explain things to you. Instead of just saying, ” No, Caleb you can’t play with that,” you like to understand why you can’t have it, and you will remember it much better.


You tell stories on people all the time. You will randomly say that someone fell down or that you want to play with a particular friend. Recently it’s been Lila, Charlotte, Jolie, Ellie, and Brenden that you talk about the most.


You are kind and loving. Often you will drop what you’re doing just to grab my face and give me a kiss…or multiple kisses. Hugs are given out freely and you are still happy sitting next to me or in my lap while we play.


You are such a big helper! You love to help clean up, helping me with laundry, sweeping, dusting, or picking up your toys. When ever you have finished a task you say, “I did it!”


You are starting to use the potty more. Sometimes I think you just like sitting on the potty, but at least you’re trying.


You seem to be excited about baby sister. You like to say hi to her in my tummy and help me fold her clothes. You like to show people her crib and say, “No, no, daddy. Jessa’s.” This started because, as a joke, daddy got in Jessa’s crib one day and you told him to get out.


I really can’t believe that you are two. You bring so much joy and laughter to this family. When people told me how awesome it is to be a parent, they were right, but its even more special than I could have ever imagined.


I love you so much, sweet boy. Happy birthday!

1 Samuel 1:27





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