Bump Update: 38 Weeks

IMG_7069Well, I’m 38 weeks and there have been a lot of changes this week.

The first big change is that Caleb has officially turned the big T-W-O! We had a really fun birthday party for him that I will post about later. We also switched pediatricians and I love the new doctor. He is wonderful and Caleb did a great job at his two-year-old check up. He didn’t even cry when they had to prick his finger and he had two shots. He’s growing right along with where he should be and his head is off-the-chart big, which is why we have to buy him 4T hats! The best part of the day was nap time. Caleb and I laid down at my parents house, because we were both really sleepy. He fell asleep by holding my hand, giving me kisses, and telling me he loved me. Talk about a “melt your heart” moment. I had tears in my eyes until we both fell asleep. Two-year-olds are pretty awesome!


As far as the pregnancy goes, for the most part I’m feeling good. I can honestly say I felt better last week. I’m getting through each day, but just a little slower and I’m feeling/looking very swollen! My feet are swollen all the time.  I have also been fighting with nausea. My nesting has been a double-edged sword this week, because I want things to be so clean, but Im so tired! Caleb know’s I’m tired because he has been really good at laying with me, reading books to me, and really being well-behaved.

Jessa is really low, but not in my pelvis yet. I’m dilated about 2 cm and a little over 50% effaced. I think she’s resting up for the big day, because she’s still/resting more than usual. I don’t feel her in my rib cage anymore – she is more kicking me right above my belly button.

My Nonnie and Auntie both came in the other day for Caleb’s birthday and Jessa’s fast-approaching arrival. Caleb has been loving all the extra attention and the fact that everyone keeps bringing him birthday presents!

Our house is ready for Christmas! We weren’t sure if we would have the energy to decorate when the baby gets here and we wanted to give Caleb some time to learn that he shouldn’t touch the tree. It’s a big temptation, but he’s doing a good job leaving the tree alone.

2 more weeks!


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