Jessa’s Newborn Photo’s

Newborn photos are the best! Babies are only tiny for a few weeks, so I love the idea of capturing their little features. I feel like I quickly forget how tiny my babies used to be. Yes, even though Jessa is only one month old she’s already so much bigger than when she was first born.

Thank you so much Alysha from Blessed Beginnings Photography, we love them!

::Warning:: it’s a cute photo overload!

225A5029copy 225A5114copy 225A5131copy 225A5132copy 225A5137copy 225A5160copy 225A5166copy 225A5175copy 225A5200copy 225A5227copy 225A5248copy 225A5309copy 225A5318copy 225A5337copy 225A5357copy 225A5387copy 225A5421copy 225A5447copy 225A5472copy


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