Throwback: Bump Update: 39 Weeks

Hey. Remember that time I was pregnant and forgot to post my 39 week update? #tbt


We started off 39 weeks with a bang. Caleb had a runny nose for a few days and then started having a really wet cough, so I decided to take him to the doctors. He has a little cold virus. Hopefully, because we caught it early, it will pass quickly and not infect anyone else.

Due to the cold weather and sick toddler, I made a big pot of eat- your- veggies soup to have for a few meals and to freeze.

So, we are trying to love on Caleb, but also not get sick, since baby girl could come at any time.

Even with Caleb’s cold, we have been trying to make the most of our time as a family of three. Paul is known for making all the breakfast meals in our home, but last Saturday he surprised us by taking us to Cracker Barrel for a BIG breakfast. We ate so much food!


I’m normally not the best hair stylist in my family. Lindsey is really the top choice, but she had to work, so Chelsea was stuck with me! It was fun spending time with my mom and Chelsea, getting her all ready for the Marine ball. Chelsea looked amazing!

10676244_945720712124193_299571306055596819_n 10730862_10103523803282452_2684215029924329136_n


Lindsey and my Nonnie were so sweet to take Caleb to the store with them. Paul and I got to have an unexpected coffee date!


I have been soooooo tired. Like, an amount of tired I have never felt before. I can’t even say I was this tired in my first trimester, because I think I had more energy then than I do now.

My swelling held off for so long, but it has made up for lost time. My feet, legs, hands, and face are really swollen. I’m honestly so thankful that it’s only been in my last two weeks or so that I have had issues with swelling. I can’t wait to see how different I will look after I have Jessa. With Caleb, I woke up the day after giving birth and looked like a totally different person.

I have been very blessed that Paul, Caleb, and my sister Lindsey have been so sweet to rub my feet for me. Caleb really loves lotion or “cream” as he likes to call it.


I’m pretty sure Jessa has dropped. My belly looks and feels a lot different. I have been feeling a lot of pressure and experiencing some “lightning” pain.

I really thought the other night was going to be “the night,” because I was having actual contractions for four hours. They were never consistent and eventually they just went away.

We are hoping Jessa will come soon, but we are content in knowing that she will come out when she’s ready.

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