Maternity Photos

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I could look at maternity photos all day! I think they are more than just photos, they are treasures for families to hold onto. A little time capsule of what, in our case big brother Caleb, looked like while Jessa … Continue reading


Bump Update: 35 Weeks

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Hello, third trimester, we meet again. It’s a bittersweet feeling hitting the third trimester milestone. I’m excited to meet and snuggle this sweet girl, and at the same time I feel like time is moving too fast. I’m feeling great. … Continue reading


And why I chose Honest.

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Amanda shared the other day about her reasons for cloth diapering, specifically with G diapers. Since we love to share about the similarities and differences in our parenting styles, I decided to share about my diaper of choice. We were … Continue reading


A little hope for the new mama

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Overwhelmed. That is how I felt the first few months being a mom. I’m not saying the newborn stage is the most difficult. It’s actually the easiest, and when you get to the next stage you will miss how tiny … Continue reading


12 Things Caleb Has Taught Me

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Every month for the past year, I have shared things about my son. From things he has learned, funny stories, how he has grown, and so on. Over the last year I have grown and changed as well, and I … Continue reading