Our Morning

Because my husband is a Realtor, friday mornings have become what use to be Saturday morning in our home. Today Paul made us a big breakfast with bacon and eggs. While Paul was busy cooking, Caleb and I watched his favorite Veggie Tales, or as he likes to call them, “Vegetables.” His current favorite is Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed. As we were sitting at the breakfast table, Caleb saw daddy drinking his morning coffee and decided he wanted some too. Which was a first! So we gave him milk in a coffee cup. He felt like such a grown up.

IMG_6780 IMG_6782 IMG_6783

The most exciting part of the morning was watching the deconstruction of our front porch.  Yep, for those of you that have been to our house, the death trap we like to call a front porch is finally gone! Caleb really enjoyed running from one front window to the next, giving us second-by-second details on the status of our porch.

IMG_6776 IMG_6778 IMG_6779

For the rest of the day, we have talked about finishing some house projects and getting out our fall decorations. Oh yes, I said it, fall decorations! It might be 90 degrees outside, but its after labor day, and in this house that means fall decorations can go up. I hope y’all enjoy your weekend!


red balloons for ryan


You know those moments in life when you hear of a life taken to soon, those moments effect you in major ways. They can break your heart; make you pray for complete strangers, feel helpless, want to love your kids even more, and hold them even closer than before.

That moment came for us when we heard of the sudden death of Ryan (you can read his full story here). After hearing about his families’ tragic loss we wanted to help. However how we would accomplish  that was unclear. We do not know this family personally. We simply saw a small glimpse into Ryan’s life through his mother Jacqui’s beautiful photos on Instagram. Nevertheless we are moms, and these parents’ suffered a parents worst nightmare. We prayed for Ryan’s family, but we wanted to do more.  We  believe in the power of prayer, which is why we wrote this post to encourage you to pray for his family. Also to promote the many efforts that people are taking to raise money for this family.

Word’s can not express how tragic this loss is to Ryan’s family. All we can do as a community of parent’s is to help where we can.

Thrive Moms has set up a direct donation on the side bar of their blog.

Kelly Frances Garrett has set up a direct donation site on GO Fund Me.

The Kindness Box has extend the sale of their June box, proceeds will go towards Ryan’s family.

If you use Instagram show support for Ryan’s family by using #redballoonsforryan


A Little Announcement

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Do you remember this post? It was a piece that I wrote directly from my heart. As many of you know, my husband and I had been trying to have our second child for over a year with no luck. I had seen my doctor periodically, running tests to see why I was having so much trouble. Other than having Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), all my labs were normal. I tried a prescription to help induce ovulation for months, and it didn’t work. One morning I woke up and called my doctor who’s call I had missed the day before. I spoke with his nurse, whom I love, she informed me that the doctor wanted to up my metformin from 1,000mg to 2,000mg, in hopes that this would start my ovulation. If this did not work I would need to see an infertility specialist. My heart sank into my stomach. I knew that would be the next step, but I thought surely it would be a step I wouldn’t need to take. After speaking with the nurse I talked to my husband and I prayed. I prayed like I had never prayed before, for understanding, comfort, and wisdom.

I called my mom and texted a few of my friends asking for prayer that this medication would work. I cried to my mom and told her everything I was feeling, and like only a mom can do, she assured me everything was going to be okay. Later that day I took my normal 1,000mg of Metformin. I went on with my day with a feeling of comfort. I trusted God; He has given me so much; He has put people in my life that care for my family and who truly pray for us. I trusted that whatever happened was His will. That was the best feeling that came from all of this. I remembered a worship song that has a line, “your more than enough for me.” Whenever I hear that song at church I sing that line with tears in my eyes. I’m lucky to have faced hardships in my life, because I truly know that no matter what, God is more than enough for me. Whatever I lack in my life, He fills those areas and shows me what truly matters. It’s not about my life plan, but His. With that comfort my day was starting to look up.

I decided to make something fun for dinner. So we went off to the store to get groceries for bang-bang chicken. I came across the pregnancy tests and decided what the heck I will get a box. I bought the pack with 6 tests because I figured I would need them. We had a rushed dinner and Paul headed off for worship band rehearsal. Before I started cleaning and before taking my second dose of medication, I decided to take a pregnancy test. I figured it would be negative; recently they’re always negative. I let it sit in the bathroom for a few minutes. I went to throw the test away and that’s when I saw this beautiful word, PREGNANT! I looked down at the test with my hands shaking and eyes watering. I ran to the phone to call Paul. All that I could muster out of my mouth was, “you are never going to believe this, we’re pregnant!!” One of these days I really want to surprise him with all my fun pinterest ideas! But, I was too excited to hold it in.

The next day I called my doctor’s office, and within a week I had an appointment to see them. He saw me and laughed, it was one of the best laughs I have ever heard. He said, “I know a story of a girl that thought she couldn’t get pregnant, but she was pregnant.” In fact, I was close to 8 weeks pregnant. So I was pregnant the whole time I was so worried.

Just in case you were wondering I had taken pregnancy tests before while on the other medication, but they were all negative.

To say the least we are over-joyed about the new miracle joining our family. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers, kind words, and congratulations. I had tears in my eyes when I saw how many likes and comments we received with our pregnancy announcement photo. It really means the world to us to see how many people care. You made us feel so special!

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Falling in love with Richmond…



I didn’t want to admit it, but RVA is growing on me after 3 years.

A few things I love:

Sitting in the window of The Urban Farmhouse Market & Cafe on Cary St.


IMG_6141 IMG_6147 IMG_6152 IMG_6168

Hearing cars go over bridges and pot holes and cobblestone streets.

IMG_6197 IMG_6210

Benches, or “a-KUR!” as Jolie calls them.
IMG_6213 IMG_6251



And just being with my cute family.

Maybe one day we’ll get to live in a city and not have to drive from Suburbia to be cool.