Easter 2014

We kicked off Easter with a major celebration at church. It was one of my favorite services at our church, Powhatan Community Church, in the eight years we’ve gone there. My favorite part of Easter Sunday was singing “God’s Not Dead” and “Jesus paid it all.” Caleb did a neat craft in his Sunday school class that is now hanging on our fridge. All of Caleb’s grandparents came to our church Sunday, so he was very excited to see everyone. His Gamma gave him his first Easter basket of the day after church and he happily played with his new toys on the drive home.

IMG_5654 IMG_5657 IMG_5658

We had our first Easter meal at my parents house, which was also where Caleb was supposed to take his nap, but I think he was a little to hyper from some Easter treats he was sneaking. Caleb loved opening up his Easter baskets and showing everyone all of the things he got. Because the weather was so nice this year, we had an unexpected photo shoot in my parents front yard. I wish I would have brought the dress I wore for church  before I changed into jeans. Next year I will be prepared!

IMG_5641 IMG_5651

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After our photo shoot we headed out to Powhatan to visit Paul’s family. Caleb took a great nap in the car so he was very energetic when  we finally made it to his  grandparents house.  His grandparents set up the cutest Easter egg hunt in their back yard that led all the way to his new toys hiding behind a tree. Caleb, well maybe everyone really enjoyed that!

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Probably the funniest moment of the day was when we realized that no one bought a ham for Easter dinner at Paul’s family’s. So it was a vegetarian meal, but there was more than enough yummy sides to satisfy our taste buds.

A memory that I will cherish for the rest of my life was Paul and I talking to Caleb about what Easter and Good Friday mean. He was trying to repeat some of the words we were saying over and over again like Jesus, God, and risen. I love this age.