12 Things Jolie has Taught Me

Jolie Aleksandra was born one year ago today: Thursday, October 4th, 2012 at 14:35 after 13 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing. She was 9 lb 10 oz of pure joy. (You can read the story here.)


A few things Jolie has taught me:

1) Never judge a mother on her parenting style. Before Jolie I used to look at a family and think “I won’t do that with my kids.” Wrong. I do all of those things and more. Sometimes she goes a whole day with yoghurt in her ear because it is easier to wait until bath time.
IMG_70782) Small talk isn’t THAT terrifying. Jolie is a social baby. My mom always said she was like me until she had kids and was forced to talk to people. Babies are a great conversation topic, and Jolie always breaks the ice with her big smile. I still have a long way to go before I will be as talkative as Amanda. 😉

IMG_71203. Moms have ninja moves and lightning speed when their children are in trouble. I can’t even control it. Mommy to the rescue.
IMG_7133 4. There are way too many baby things to waste money on. I’ll share what we found most useful for this first year soon!IMG_7137 5. It’s okay to be late. No one judges families with kids for being late.IMG_7202 6. Don’t get caught up with how your baby should be according to the books/doctors. I’ve spent plenty of time stressing out when Jolie wasn’t doing what I had read was right for her age. I wish I had spent those hours enjoying what she was doing, rather than worrying about what she wasn’t. IMG_72207. Being a mother is really hard! I appreciate my mom more and more as Jolie gets older and the decisions get tougher. IMG_7242 8. There is nothing sweeter than when daddy gets home and Jolie’s smile gets 10x bigger.IMG_7245 9. God designed moms to survive on little sleep, but not dads. IMG_7279 10. I understand why families don’t stop with one child. It goes by too quick, and even though I love each new thing Jolie learns, I miss what she was doing the week before.IMG_729311. Prayer is so important in raising a child. Without prayer and trust in God this year would have been so much more difficult. Thank you Jesus for guidance!Jolie1

12. I can’t form the words to describe the love i feel for Jolie. How much more does God love each of us?

(Photo Cred: Maria Jones

What she wore:

Headband Little Malinka

Jacket and Pants Baby Gap

Shirt and Tutu made by me

Oxfords Target Moccasins Minnetonka )