Falling in love with Richmond…



I didn’t want to admit it, but RVA is growing on me after 3 years.

A few things I love:

Sitting in the window of The Urban Farmhouse Market & Cafe on Cary St.


IMG_6141 IMG_6147 IMG_6152 IMG_6168

Hearing cars go over bridges and pot holes and cobblestone streets.

IMG_6197 IMG_6210

Benches, or “a-KUR!” as Jolie calls them.
IMG_6213 IMG_6251



And just being with my cute family.

Maybe one day we’ll get to live in a city and not have to drive from Suburbia to be cool.




Blini Saturdays

I love saturdays.

Blini Saturday

I don’t go to work during the week, but we always wake up with daddy and have breakfast together before he heads out the door with a sloppy kiss from Jolie. On saturdays, however, we try to sleep in. In the last 15 months I haven’t slept past 8 am, but I’m learning to embrace it.IMG_4048

Jolie and I have started a new tradition. We make blini. Blini are Russian crepes, or thin pancakes. IMG_4054

It requires more than a just add water mix. I don’t use a recipe. My mother-in-law told me how to make it once. “About 4 eggs or so..” a bit of this, that, until you get the right consistency. I tried measuring this time so I could share a recipe but I’m really lazy. Here is a recipe similar to what I do, although I would double it!

IMG_4058 IMG_4063

The first blin is never perfect, and you have to eat it to make sure the proportions are right.  IMG_4106 Wait until the edges get a little crispy.IMG_4081 IMG_4082Smother in Nutella,  sprinkle some powdered sugar and lemon juice, or add a dollop of сметана (sour cream). They are also tasty by themselves!
IMG_4110 IMG_4114IMG_4121

How do you spend your saturday mornings?